Solid Food!

Apparently, babies can start eating solid food at four months. And, at Miles’s last appointment, our pediatrician encouraged us to start as soon as we felt like it. (He also recommended skipping rice cereal and moving straight to oatmeal. So we did.)

As I got the cameras and food set up, Jamie put Miles in the high chair. And, though it was interesting for a minute, after that he was not a fan.

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Today was such a nice day that we decided we should have a picnic in the park for dinner.  Continue Reading »

Summer Trip 2012, pt. 2

In spite of the fact that he was getting married a few days after we arrived, Jason let us stay at his house both before the wedding and after, while he and Brenna were on their honeymoon.

The girls were amazed at Jason’s house: two story, four bedroom. Plus a swimming pool, small pond, and flowers. It should probably go without saying that we swam every day (this was, after all, South Carolina in the summer); maybe it goes less without saying that, at night, the frog chorus was deafening.  Continue Reading »

Summer Trip 2012, pt. 1

Jamie’s brother Jason married his (wonderful) fiancee (now wife) in July in South Carolina. So of course we had to trek down there. And, while we were headed to South Carolina, we thought, why not take an extended car vacation? Of about 2,500 miles? With a newborn? What could possibly go wrong?  Continue Reading »

Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Yesterday was another beautiful spring Chicago day, so, when I got home with Jane, we all went to the playground across the street.  Continue Reading »

Miles Scott Brunson was born on Friday, April 13, 2012, at 12:55 pm. He was 8 lbs., 12 oz., and about 21.5 inches long. A photo retrospective of his first six days:  Continue Reading »


The two planter boxes in front of our condo have been filled with weeds–and only weeds–since, I don’t know, we moved in, probably. The girls have been dying to have flowers there. So, a couple weeks ago, we decided to replace the weeds with flowers.  Continue Reading »